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Chapter 7

A Fresh Start

Chapter 7 bankruptcy, also called a "Fresh Start Bankruptcy" is a roughly 90-day process that gives you the opportunity to wipe the slate clean, eliminating many or all of your debts without having to make any future payments.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney

Chapter 7 bankruptcy can provide you with the relief from your debt that you have been searching for. It permits you to eliminate creditors' claims permanently in exchange for allowing certain assets to be sold off to pay the debt, it those debts are not protected by some exemption (which most assets in Mississippi are).

What Can Chapter 7 Do For Me? | Mississippi Credit Card Debt Relief Lawyer

Over the years, Hughes Law Group, PLLC, in Southaven and Starkville, Mississippi, has helped many indebted clients find relief through Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Divorce, medical emergency, lack of income or credit card charges, whatever led to your financial situation - Chapter 7 bankruptcy can eliminate those debts permanently and allow you to "start fresh" without unnecessary financial burdens.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy can provide several distinct benefits for people who qualify. For example, it can erase:

• Unsecured debts (including credit cards)
• Medical bills
• Debts related to divorce (excluding alimony and child support)
• Wage garnishments (except for alimony or child support)
• Certain lawsuit judgments
• Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax debts more than three years old
• Motor vehicle surcharges
• Other unsecured debts and obligations

Chapter 7 Can Stop Creditor Harassment, Help You Keep Assets

The "automatic stay" is the most advantageous tool in a bankruptcy because it stops all debt collections and collection calls until you debts has been discharged FOREVER.
Most people who file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy can remain in their homes and keep their vehicles and most cherished assets with no problem.

Click Here to Learn How to Qualify for Chapter 7

Free Consultation | Southaven, Batesville and Starkville Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer 

Hughes Law Group, PLLC, represents clients throughout northern Mississippi in bankruptcy matters. To discuss your financial options privately in a free, initial consultation with our experienced bankruptcy attorney, contact us by calling 662-298-3607.

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